College has adequate infrastructure and facilities as specified by the Indian Nursing Council.


1. Class Rooms

Class rooms are sufficient for the students to develop their class room skill and learning skill. O H P and other audio visual aids are attached to each class room to make it more equipped.

2. Laboratories

Laboratories are well equipped with the modern learning devices and the dummies and other articles are made available for the students to learn and develop their career and skill in the practical knowledge.

3. Library

All the modern books are piled with adequate number as per the new editions. Every student can have the books from the library. Journals and the other nursing and medical related magazines are available in the library.

5. SNA Unit

Students have Students Nurses Association Unit.The president of SNA is elected every year.


Why Nursing ?

We have a dedicated team of faculty, striving hard to provide the students with the latest knowledge and skill that would help them to stand out in this fiercely competitive world.

Our campus is vibrant with energy, enthusiasm and activity. The environment is congenial for learning and it is for you to take the full advantage of the opportunities and exploit your potentials.